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Polices and Terms

Consumer information

Policies and Terms

War-Stress-Relief.com is a voluntary registration directory and free product supplier dedicated to our soldiers and their families.

The information contained within this site is for educational purposes only. 

No business agreement is expressed or implied between those listed and the website creator. 

This is a private website.  No funding of any sort supports this website.  No one has paid to be listed.

The author of this website is not a doctor or licensed medical professional. 

Paid or unpaid advertising of any sort is not accepted on this website.  Please see link exchange information by clicking here.

C. Devin Hastings, the creator and administrator of this website, is not responsible for the quality of care or any representations made by any persons listed in the volunteer directory or any products they are supplying.

Consult with your doctor before taking any action on the information or products contained within this or any other related site.

You are strongly urged to contact local business organizations to verify the good standing of any person listed on this website whom you wish to contact. 

The Better Business Bureau, your local Chamber of Commerce or The Bad Business Bureau (a.k.a. Rip-Off Report) are information sources that many people use.

Except as specifically mentioned, none of the healing methods listed or described on this website are endorsed or guaranteed by C. Devin Hastings. 

C. Devin Hastings takes no responsibility for claims made in listings or product or modality descriptions on this website.

You are strongly urged to independently investigate any "healing" or "curing" claims made by practitioners listed on this website. 

Use of any information on this website is done entirely at your own risk.


Privacy Notice

Please note that no information is collected on this website.  If you choose to email us, your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.  Any and all personal information submitted to us in any form is held as private and not shared in any way with any entity. 


Although your privacy is our utmost concern, we do strictly adhere to local, state and national health rules and guidelines.  Therefore, should a person contact us and notify us of intent to harm self or others we are required  by law to immediately notify the proper authorities. 


Therefore, we strongly suggest immediately contacting your local emergency service should the above pertain to you or someone you know.




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