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How To Volunteer and/or Donate Free Stuff For Our Troops and Their Families

How to volunteer

Listing/linking policies

Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless,

but because they are priceless.”



Your help is wonderful.  So many of our soldiers and their families have paid a terrible price and they must have our support and so I thank you for your compassion.

Before explaining how to sign up, I need to address a concern that many potential volunteers have voiced:

"Devin, what if I get more requests for help than what I have volunteered?"

This is a legitimate concern that, on the surface, appears difficult to deal with but, in fact, there are a number of good answers. 

1) You can simply tell whoever contacts you that you are booked for the current month but, you can offer them your next free time slot/product or both.

2) You can "borrow" from your next month's availability if you wish to help someone now.

3) You can have "back up" friends who may want to help but have not listed themselves on this site.

4) You may find you have a little bit more time and/or products and can help that person. 


“We make a living by what we do, but

we make a life by what we give.”

Now, if you want to help but your skills and talents are in areas other than stress relief and healing, click here to be listed on the General Help page.  Anything you can offer to help truly does make a difference.

In order to be listed on this site, please read the below requirements and the Listing/Linking policies to the right.

  • You are required to agree with the directory rule that you will not, in any manner whatsoever, 'pitch' or attempt to sell products and/or services to those who come to you as a result of finding and using this website.  Application for listing indicates you understand and agree with this policy.

  • If someone asks you about products or services, obviously that is their decision but please avoid aggressive selling.  And do your best to give them a great discount should they choose to pay you for something. 

  • Please understand that if enough complaints are received about a listed provider, the listing will be removed.  "Blind" complaints will be ignored.  A "blind" complaint is one that is not substantiated with valid contact information and/or specific information about the complaint itself.

  • A listed provider will have a chance to explain their side of the situation if they wish.

How To Submit For A Listing


As the directory on this website depends on volunteers, the more people that know about it, the better because there will be more people who will volunteer to help. 


Therefore, although not a requirement, a reciprocal listing would be greatly appreciated.   To list our website or feature it on your Home Page, please use this information:


War Stress Relief (www.war-stress-relief.com)

Free help for our troops and their families.

Please volunteer your services in any way you can.


Now, to be listed, please send me an email with your information listed according to the example outline below. 


Business Name:

MindBody Hypnosis



Location: 10560 Wayzata Blvd.  Suite 15, Minnetonka, MN.  55305


Website: www.MindBodyHypnosis.com


Contact Info: C. Devin Hastings, 612-730-2789 -- devin@mbh4u.com


Specialties: Stress reduction, Anxiety Relief, Diabetes Management, Weight Loss, Sales Improvement, Confidence Boosting


Methods: Hypnosis, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Cognitive Behavioral Training, Re-engineering Emotional GeneticsTM (R.E.G. Coaching)


Giving to you: This website directory.  Donating 2 or more free, open to the public, group stress reduction sessions (per month) to raise awareness of this website so that more people will volunteer to be there for you. 


I am also donating a total of $30,000 worth of stress reduction CDs  to be given to the first one thousand people who attend the free weight loss/diabetes/stress reduction seminars


CDs are given to attendees to "remind" them to please talk to anyone they know who might know someone who wants to volunteer any help they can for you and/or your family. 


Finally, I am donating a total of $300.00 worth of individual coaching per month for any soldier or their family member who wants it.   My schedule tend to fill up quickly so book early.  If my schedule is too full, please consider attending a free seminar where you will definitely learn something that will help.


It is respectfully requested that you provide some proof that you are an active or retired military service person, or that you are a family member of a military service person.


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